A part of me was lost

Today is the day I was able to confirm that I can no longer open my previous blog: https://chamtanteras.net

This had been bothering me since November 2017. My hosting contract under 1and1 expired around mid-October. I admittedly wasn’t able to pay on time because of payment method errors. The card linked to my Paypal already expired and I am so busy to renew so I called them and they gave me two weeks to settle. Since I don’t think the time given would be enough, I changed my payment method to my current card instead. But from November, there was no payment debited in my account. In short, I still wasn’t able to pay. I don’t know what happened to their promise since my blog already went down in less than two weeks.

I am still shamefully attending current blog events, receiving blog campaigns even during this time. I have loads of pending posts. I am itching to write but I can’t do anything. I am not as techy as you think I am so I’m figuring things out on my own. I tried contacting 1and1 several times until today, they finally told me that I won’t be able to retrieve anything from my site.

This isn’t the first time I lost a blog.

My first baby was http://chamtanteras.com under Blogger but here, I only lost the domain, not the whole blog. So you can still view it here. Hence, someone already bought my .com and is currently selling it in a premium cost amounting to Php 130,000+++

Enough with the technical stuff that makes no sense, it’s indeed depressing to lose another branch of you. When your only avenue away from the world was taken away and is never coming back. You have to start anew.

Well it’s always easy to buy a new hosting, create a new blog, promote a new site. But where in the world could I ever find my content again?

I remembered killing time in the coffee shops after work because I’m too stoked to write. I remembered thanking traffic for the first time for it gives me all the time to reflect and draft countless posts. I remembered putting all my heart to it.

But no single piece was saved. And that’s how life is sometimes playing at you. And you have no choice but to deal with it. And keep reminding yourself that “I wanted this, so I’m not giving up.”