Five Tips to Achieve Your Fitness Resolutions

Jeunesse, fitness, goals, health, yoga

Jeunesse, fitness, goals, health, yoga

Photo by: Angela Garcia

I can’t remember committing to any NY resolution, not even a fitness-related one. But hey, here I am, booking classes from pole, loop, hiphop etc. even starting off the year in the waves, surfing. Perhaps, the quickest way to achieve something is to wake up each day with determination rather than a mere commitment (insert hugot here lol)

Recently where my days force me to bum inside the four corners of my home, sitting in front of my “home office desk” from day to-night, I came to the point where I decided to “move” at least once a week. To help you achieve your fitness goals realistically and conveniently here are quick tips that make promising results straight from Dietitian-Nutritionist Cheshire Que:

  1. Catch up on your 8-hour sleep. Not only because you’re doing yourself a favor, but by improving your mood, memory and immune system as well. 
  2. Go easy on sweets and fried food. While it’s always delicious to indulge on these, flat tumtum wins over stomach bloat all the time.
  3. Eat fresh.  Go Au Naturel and stock up on these veggies instead, which are highly recommended by Dietitian-Nutritionist Cheshire Que:
    1. Ampalaya – rich in iron and has insulin-like properties that help control blood glucose
    2. Malunggay and other dark, leafy veggies – also rich in iron which boosts and promotes good mood & combats fatigue
    3. Carrots – high in Vitamin A for a healthy, glowing skin
    4. Kangkong or Chinese Spinach – packed with high amount of calcium for stronger bones
    5. Chayote – full of fiber that promotes digestive health and folate for DNA synthesis and healthy blood cells

If you are serious about infusing your food with nutrient-dense ingredients, keeping a food journal is a great way to set up your meal plan to success. That way, it encourages you to consume fewer calories and provide the motivation that you need every single day!

4. Take a multivitamins. Especially if your intake of nutrient-rich foods is inadequate. 

5. Move. Move. Move. Make it a habit to move as much as possible. Your desk jobs and long commutes are not excuses. Dance when you’ve got breaks, walk a kilometer or two.

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Comment down below about your fitness journey and goals this 2018!