That one thing my dad told me

dad, personal, poetry, love, boys, success, career, relationships,

dad, personal, poetry, love, boys, success, career, relationships,

Let’s face it. Our parents have countless lectures to us during our lifetime, may it be beneficial or annoying, name it. But of all the things I could never forget about what my dad said is something about relationships. For crying out loud, I know you girls have felt the same.

“Once you finish your studies, boys will come chasing at you while you, still busy chasing at your dreams. And they will be amazed how you managed to be on your own without needing any man.” A concept my dad had instilled to my mind, something I also grew up believing and doing.

But now that I’m in my mid-twenties, I am trying to doubt everything my dad said. What now? Where is the man of my dreams? I felt like I’m in my complete self already but how come I am still unlikable? Am I not worth it? Am I not enough? Boys are either taken, gay or still playing games. Though I am not, in any way, blaming my dad for any of this dilemma. Believe me, it did made me a better person in the long run.

As much as I wanted to believe that everything is too late, I’ve come up to a realization that the mistake, I and many 20-somethings make is spending more of our energy trying to merge paths with other people. In such path holds a vast majority of people in the same age range as we are trying to make it to justify a “decent life”.

While some are still wandering, not knowing where they’re headed and how to get there, there we are, trying to settle for someone who doesn’t even have a clear path. As romantic as it sounds, but it will never be the most practical way.

People change and perhaps this is the most common reason why relationships fail. Our age is the most confusing period where we finally bid goodbye to our childhood and say hello to independence. We try to embark on new adventures, regardless where that adventure would take us. This age is evolutionary.

Maybe I was wrong with what I said that I’m complete. Maybe I am still on the process. And perhaps there’s still more room for self-improvement. And I won’t stop until someone will love me fully. I’ve worked hard for this version of myself, enough to give myself credit by waiting for someone who truly deserves me. There’s more to life than the obsession that God created me just to be a wife. I am more than this.