To my new found bestie

Mother's day, cham tanteras, bebz tanteras, Cotabato City, Mosque, Grand Mosque, tribute, thank you

Mother's day, cham tanteras, bebz tanteras, Cotabato City, Mosque, Grand Mosque, tribute, thank you

ICYMI, I made a friend two years ago.

You are not my friend if you aren’t aware of our story.

No, really. This woman was with me since the day I was born. But it isn’t enough reason for me to be close to her. Her mom and her sisters were the one responsible in raising me up that I used to label her as just the “financer”.

We often had petty fights. I used to hate the way she cooks, the clothes she bought for me and perhaps all the things she did are just pretty annoying, only proved that we never really get along.

This woman happened to be my mom. But as I grow up, I didn’t really treat her to be one. I was rude when I thought I was the victim. I even opted not to talk to her for almost two years. I was doing my own thing. She hasn’t ever heard of me, not sure if I’m still alive.

But just when I thought my mom wasn’t part of my life anymore, God is full of surprises, in ways we both don’t even expect. We suddenly found each other calling, chatting everyday as if we’re trying to catch up. We suddenly found ourselves shopping, dining and taking pictures together as if we just clicked and became best of friends.

I’m glad my mom never gave up on me. And my heart still beats for her (or maybe I never stopped?).

I’m grateful for the idea of her being my mom now. I thank God everyday how she exerts all her efforts in doing the best she can to be at least, be a mom to us. I’m happy how she slowly tries to get to know me day by day; what I love to eat, my taste in clothes and my lifestyle. I’m not just thankful that we had just been recently reconciled but boy, I found a new bestfriend too!

I found a woman whom I can talk about beauty, health and everything under the sun. I thank God for her life.

And while we wasted more than twenty years to realize that we actually love each other but afraid to show it, I hope it’s not yet too late for everyone. Know that our moms aren’t perfect, neither are we. You may not see her performing her role right now but give her a chance and don’t lose hope. My mom may not raise me the way other moms did but I’ll always attest that it all made me to who I am now. I love you ma/ twinnie!

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Happy mother’s day to all our favorite women on earth!