What’s in my bag: Clubbing Clutch

Clubbing clutch, partying, what's in my bag

Clubbing clutch, partying, what's in my bag

Unless I’ll be heading to work anywhere or a meeting, I am the type of girl who prefers small bags. That’s why planning on what to bring for night outs seems like a breeze to me. While most of the time, I choose a cute design to match my outfit, what essential I put inside matters how I’ll spend the whole night. In case you’re wondering what I need to bring, here’s a list:

Safety Pins and Bobby Pins

Basically my emergency kit for wardrobe malfunctions and hair disasters.


This depends on my makeup during that night may it be dark, nude or just a tint. But most commonly, I use these trusty shades I’m currently on:

Mac in Taupe | Soft Cream Lippie I bought from Thailand | Maybelline Maple Mocha

Compact Powder

Though this is the least priority on my list, I prefer to bring the lightest, smallest and cheapest one.

Perfume sample

Another least priority item since I prefer the strong scents, those are enough to last already from just a few spritz before I leave home. But just in case you wanna bring yours, make sure to put it in the smallest container you can find.


Ever since I’ve got my bangs, my fringes need a spot check from time to time. I am bringing the smallest one wherever I go just in case my hands can’t handle if my bangs decide to go loco.


Yeah of course, for more memories that last a day in the IG stories


Sometimes I don’t bring my whole bulky wallet with me. I pay everything using my cards. I also include my rewards cards for convenience stores just in case I pass by.


I just bring in 500 cash for contingency and pay the rest via card.

House Key

I put this in the inner pocket so I can find it in a jiffy (if I’m too drunk to bring out all the stuff in my bag just to look for this lol)


Bring a lighter with you even though you’re not a smoker. Pro tip: Win a friend when someone asks you to light their cigs! *wink